Hi✌🏾, I am James Baduor

I help entrepreneurs bring their radical ideas to life (MVP, Feature, or Full Product) using Webflow. I am also the Co-founder of ADPlist, a design community aiming to inspire powerful conversations and collaborations among designers worldwide. I also teach UX Design as Co-founder at The Design Hub. I lead HubFind:Me where we believe that the next advancement for tech in Africa can be steered through a healthy collaboration.  I also create free webflow templates at Dashui.design

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Find, Book and Meet Design Mentors worldwide, Get pro-bono virtual mentorship from mentors in our global community.

Product Lead (UX/UI)
Website design in webflow
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Sifter health

Find your online doctor today,
skip the waiting room. Sifter is here to help you choose the online provider that fits your lifestyle.

Contract Project
UX/UI Design
Website design in webflow
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The financial management software that gives you matchless insight and an advanced foundation for transactional efficiency and control.

EPOBS School Management App  (UX/UI)
EPOBS Parent Portal  (UX/UI)
Landing page design in webflow
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On-demand delivery and Marketplace service provider.

Gofer Merchant App (UX/UI)
Gofer User App and Website (UX/UI)
Gofer Courier Services (UX/UI)
Landing page design in webflow
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Employee Verification, Simple and Secure. Automate and generate instant background reports on prospective and existing employees.

Logo + Style Guide
Company and User Portal (UX/UI)
Landing page design in webflow
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Serenity Health

Healthcare benefits for remote teams, SMEs and Corporates. No waiting, connect with a doctor online in minutes

Logo + Style Guide
Patient Portal (UX/UI)
Serenity EMR (UX/UI)
Landing page design in webflow
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I thrive to stand by founders, help them validate their radical ideas, then provide them with the support needed to build and scale these ideas.

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Random Shots

I post random shots of my works around the internet. Here is where you can find some.

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